Yummies from Pinterest – The Good and the Bad

I’m craving something yummy right now, so naturally, I go to Pinterest to peruse my 300+ pins on my food board. At least it keeps me out of the pantry, right?

Instead of attempting to bake something, I’ll share some of my favorite and least favorite recipes I’ve tried out!

These potatoes seem to be the only non-sweet item I’ve made to date, whoops…

These are supposedly Weight Watcher friendly, but my version was definitely not! Click the photo to go to her original recipe.
Here are my changes:
Instead of regular ranch dressing, I used Hidden Valley “Spicy” or “Fiesta” Ranch. Both are equally good.
I poured a bit of olive oil in a gallon size bag with the cut potatoes and then sprinkled the ranch on and shook it up. I put the seasoned potatoes in a glass dish and cut up slices of butter in the dish as well. I cooked them for about 45 minutes on 415 degrees.
I don’t think we’ll ever eat a regular potato again!!


Byron is always telling me about Fried Ice Cream that he had in Mexico as a child. Apparently it’s just not the same in Mexican restaurants here; it should be melty in the middle, not frozen, and covered in honey! When his birthday rolled around a few months ago, I went on the search for a recipe and found this:

It was a success and I followed the recipe exactly. We did caramel and honey toppings. I think I had my grease a bit too hot as the ice cream was overly melty, but still very good!


My family LOVES breakfast food and sweets, no matter the time of day. Enter Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, mmmmm

Just a warning now, Do Not eat more than one of these, or have a bathroom handy soon after if you do, lol!

Changes I made to this recipe:

We like thin pancakes, so I doubled the pancake recipe, only used 1 egg and added more milk (to the texture I like).

Self rising flour and vegetable oil worked just fine versus her ingredients.

There was plenty of the cinnamon part without doubling this recipe, but we did double the glaze recipe.

I think it made about 7 pancakes total.


Next up: Cookie Dough Truffles

These were a HUGE hit over Christmas!

The entire month of December, I was on a huge cookie dough craving. I never thought of it being bad to eat raw egg, but I suppose it’s not the greatest idea in the world. It’s a good thing these truffles don’t have eggs, and they are SO good and SO easy to make! I saved a little dough over and put it in some ice cream too!


These cheesecake strawberries are a great summer treat and very quick if you need something to make for a party last minute:

Hollowing out the strawberries would have been much easier if I had this tool.

That was definitely the hardest part of this recipe.  Thank goodness, my strawberries were not for a party! After I taste-tested the filling, I didn’t make it much farther than putting it in the strawberries. No graham crackers on mine or chocolate, they didn’t need it!


Now for recipes that didn’t turn out so well. I’m not sure if I didn’t do the recipe properly or it’s just my taste, but I did not like these sweets at all:

Paula Deen’s Gooey Butter Cake:


Cream Cheese Cookies:


The Twinkie Cupcake


Sugared Plums (they taste like wood, ewww)

Please feel free to share your recipe successes and not-so-successful recipes!

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